Everybody knows.

So, I’ve not been writing. I’ve been learning! Not how to write, as will become apparent quickly (again), but about deer.

But, to cut to the chase, when I ask about winter inappetance, even the cleverest of brains sometimes go blank.

“Never heard of it.” “It’s a made up thing.” “It doesn’t exist, it’s a layman’s term.”

How and ever, it does exist and is a real consideration in winter for all sorts of livestock, domestic and wild. But see trying to find out about it, especially when I had forgotten the correct spelling. Impotence was a favourite suggestion. Impedance another.

It took a call to a wise one. Or a second call to a second wise one – as the first wise one, a vet, and his vet wife has never heard of it!

Im back on track though and can submit a thought to my learned colleagues at university – and see if they know.

Be good.