Insider Knowledge.

Always handy. So, for those of you who don’t know, make a point of checking “” regularly, and indeed, often.

It struck me this morning that it would be handy for some of you to be aware of some of the goings on in the world, and the thing that really prompted it was the ISSF report regarding the progress of the ranges in Changwon for next year’s World Championships. Things seem to be going well with loads of ranges being created. My question would be, how many countries can, or will be bothered, creating a huge white elephant like this which will have minimal use after the event. Where were the last world championships held? I must check and see what’s happening on those ranges. In Changwon, for instance, I see that the 10 metre range has “100 electronic targets.” Now, naturally, I haven’t a clue what this means, but maybe it means 100 chaps and chappettes can shoot at the same time. Great. Competition over. Back to the usual 10 that train regularly. Wow. Big money, and yes, I know, big prestige, but can it continue?

Not really on the same theme, but there is a new, and very wonderful looking, set of ranges in France. All I have seen are pictures. Looks wonderful. Where is it? Three hours, approximately, from CDG in sunny Paris. Handy? No. Not actually. We can be in Malaga in three hours. Why bother to go to these ranges then, where, probably, no one can speak any English. I’m not being insular, just practical. However, no doubt, and quite happily, there will be big competitions there and we will scoot over quite happily.

Tres jolie as they say in Friockheim.