Enjoyed some therapeutic log cutting earlier as it’s a cool day here. No snow, but it’s nice to know there’s wood there when we need it. Ash. Good wood. Nothing at all to do with the title, but that’s probably pretty common.

So, as it’s cool, following Facebook. (It’s not cool.) Needs must when the devil stabs you in the back. Is there more than one devil? Can there be several? There are squillions of Gods so I imagine there will be devils aplenty. But, again, this has nothing to do with the title. I am about to commence a University of the Heelands CPD course. 15 weeks, with, in the middle and end an essay to submit. 4000 words each time. To one so garrulous that should be a cakewalk. The challenge is that the words must be relevant, not tosh.

OK. I know. What guff are we about to get? Reading Facebook, a chap called John Marchant, shared a quote from Tenrings Coaching. It’s good.

”Once you have confirmed the shot placement, and dismiss your emotions, move on to the next shot and put your full attention to detail into the next shot creation cycle.”

Rather nice thought I. Rather a good alternative to just bog standard “pre shot routine.” I like the words. There’s maybe a bit of Brailsford in there with tiny wee (he never put it that way) gains accumulating beneficially. So, shoot, assess, maybe re-assess, reset and be ready. Have I mentioned Bob Niedeffer before? I’m sure I will have. He’s a great hero of mine in the “resetting” or, in his case, “centring” department.

Much langwige then to consider zaichata on a cold day. I suppose Zaytsef (I always spelled it Zaitsef but it seems to have changed. See langwige. It’s a pain.) was colder many times.

Enjoy folks. Be good.