Points to ponder

So, just to beef up some of the questions I raised below. About the World Championships that is. The 2017 competition was in New Delhi. No problemo (as they say in Achiltibuie) there, as they have huge, permanent ranges out there. The Karni Singh ranges as I recall, named after a famous shooter. I think he was a rifle shooter. A full bore shooter actually. But I digress.

The previous one, in 2014, was in Grenada in Espagnol, or is it Espana (as they say in Rhynie) but I do ken (or know) that Grenada didn’t last long and I think is now mostly shut.

The 2013 World Shotgun Championships were in Peru. Handy.

What’s all this about? Politics of course. Nothing wrong with that, but is it sustainable? How many ranges have been built and then bitten the dirt? And, at what cost to the country?

It’s the same with the ‘limpics. What’s the answer? Well, unsurprisingly, I have it. There is an Olympic stadium built somewhere in the world. Greece maybe. Don’t recoil in horror. I do know about Greece’s financial woes. That is irrelevant. How? Well, what happens is that there is an Olympic stadium, with all the ancillary stadia round about, built. What then happens is that for each ‘limpic cycle, whichever country won the bid maintains it. A full time team of super dooper ‘limpic organisers are on site permanently – not the well meaning but totally new teams put together each time – to ensure smooth running.

What’s wrong with that idea? Politics of course. None of the ego maniacs running the various countries would ever agree. They want the kudos, the glory – but, I suggest, not the debt. Montreal. Who remembers Montreal have just, now, or last year at least, paid off their debt for their Olympics. When were the Olympics in Montreal? When? Tell me. Don’t look it up. Bet you can’t. 1976. Yes 1976. Some of you reading this weren’t alive in 1976. Most of us weren’t alive in 1896 either. Those games – “the first of the modern era” almost bankrupted Athens. A rich chap chipped in and helped. However, even super rich are not chipping in now and the great white elephants rumble along leaving destruction, usually financial, in their wake.

Birmingham is bidding for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. I have a bone to pick with them as Shooting is not amongst the sports proposed. Notice the capital at “Shooting”. I don’t do that. This stupid predictive text does it. So it must be important. Anyway, they haven’t got Shooting in their proposal. Nor can they pay their bin men. Rubbish collectors to the uninitiated. But they propose to host the Commonwealth Games. Are the barmy? Yes they are. A little bit like Montreal, they propose a new tax to help pay. Montreal, or Canada as a whole, used tobacco as their medium for money spinning. Fine. That’s a national initiative. Birmingham proposes a bed tax. Or a bed night tax. Will it work? Probably not. Air bnb, if that’s how it’s worded, or initialled, will grow hugely. Watch this space.