Rocketing – again.

Twice in a short space of time do I mention Rocket. O’Sullivan that is, as there was a rocket shot Olympic Skeet a while ago. Richard somebody from Derbyshire. Annoyingly, being old, I’ve forgotten his name despite being many places at the same time, and, indeed, lending him my Vostok in Wales once to allow him to win the Welsh Grand Prix. The prize was a huge mirror which was impossible to transport! I also remember at an International he shot a 19 on his first round. Unheard of. He went and sat in the car, obviously gave himself a good talking to and finished on 92. But I digress. (His name will come to me.)

This time I mention Rocket as I am home early from the training ground. The weather is grimbo. But some hardy souls were there and thus so was I. As soon as the last one finished on success -I was offski. So, having prepared a late luncheon I was watching the snooker. I like individual sports. Rockets opponent fluffed a shot at one time and the commentators were interested in why. They did not know. The ball, or balls got a “kick” but they couldn’t discern, despite several replays why. Obviously I had no clue.

So, what has all this got to do with anything? Well, the comment was “a kick means bad cueing,” although in this case they agreed that was not what caused it. But, in ‘limpic Skeet, a miss is often attributed to bad gun mounting – which it can be sometimes – but much more often is caused by bad timing at the start. The shooter does not see the target correctly and sets off. Brain goes “why?” Fiddle, faddle, Nothing for the gun to go to, hiccuppy, hoccuppy, gun does not come up properly and a miss results. Shooter rubs Skeet vest and walks off. Sod all to do with vest. Plenty to do with timing. As I was telling a chap in the lashing rain this morning. As I do. In a nice way I hope. As I think people matter. Not like some I could mention. But won’t.