Row, row, row the boat- – –

Dame Katherine Grainger is at it again. Speaking sense that is. Supporting the athletes that is. Addressing the bullying culture so prevalent in sports that is. Wonderful. Everything that I read about this Dame fills me with joy. And, it seems she’s getting backing where it matters. That’s maybe easy of course, as so many sports have been found to have this dreadful bullying culture, where athletes are afraid to speak in case they get kicked off the team, that people know that this sort of thing is going on. And athletes are speaking up. Not enough, because they are still frightened if that’s not too strong a word, but it’s moving in the right direction.

So this morning there’s more good news. Coaching staff are going to be issued with guidance on the “Four golden threads of a positive and winning sporting culture.”

These are: inspiration, integrity, the pursuit of excellence and respect. This last one, in my experience, is sadly lacking with athletes being treated abysmally, often. But they are frightened to say anything. As I’ve said.

Row, row, row the boat merrily down the stream. In the right direction. Not round and round in circles. I hope some in ivory towers take a moment to ponder their style. They won’t of course as they know it all! God help us. Oh no. We have Dame Katherine Grainger pulling hard too. Phew.