Same old, same old.

Been stalking this morning in the -7/-8 temperatures. Very enjoyable, of course, although I forgot my heavy jacket – which I had brought in from the truck to air. However, being a shooter, I have a truck load of others so all was well – even if no deer.

All of the above can be ignored, but it leads up to the fact that I am sitting here at noon watching “The Daily Politics” and the rigmarole of the Cabinet reshuffle, with input from a number of correspondents.

So, to my point. What does the new chairperson (I suppose) of the Conservative Government have to do???? Wait for it. Fanfare now.


Ooooooo, what a giggle. But it’s nice that it’s not the SCTA or STS or whatever. Obviously even the great powers need members. I might keep an eye on the new person and see what they try. Then we shooters can apply that too.