Super Photos

I’ve got some great photos here from a number of days I have been involved in. Have a look at them and come back to me with your comments.

This is a great photo demonstrating a Left Master Eye and the effect it could have on a right handed shooter. Thanks to Jill for demonstrating.

Another good photo showing an excellent OS ready position on a sunny day! at North Ayrshire Shooting Ground. Look at,and admire, Martin’s determination.

A snowy day at Auchterhouse and Sandy demonstrating his ready position for a bird off the High Tower.

This week I will be at Cluny Clays, Auchterhouse, East Yorkshire, Bisley and Dartford so getting about quite a bit with the Olympic Skeet shooters. I will be taking a trip to Italy next month, with a small group, to conduct OS training at some of the top grounds over there including Lonato and Montecatini. Hopefully this will be the first of many such trips so watch this space for more information.

Good shooting.