Taking stock – Italian style

After Conselice, we scooted off up the road to Desenzano as one of the party was a man with a mission – namely to get a new stock for his gun at Essevierre’s factory in Val Trompia, near Brescia. It is a revelation to see the stockmakers at work. They can look a bit brutal but you have to bear in mind that generations of experience is all in there and the finished product is a joy to behold. Very impressive and not expensive.

I took this photo at Conselice of another stock. It’s still a bit unusual to see the thumbhole style on a shotgun but maybe the trend will acquire some backing in the future.
Whether it’s an Essevierre model or not I couldn’t discern as our Italian was molto bad. Apparently there is another stock maker on the ground at Montecatini so that’s something to check out on the next trip. I would say that it’s a pity that you cannot have a shot at Essevierre’s factory – but hey life’s rarely perfect