That’s Life.

But not Esther Rantzen’s version. Sitting, musing in Malaga, as one does, Steve McQueen’s, famous – or maybe not – phrase came to mind.

Now, of course, as it’s me, I have to alter it a bit. But Stevie lad said, or something along these lines, – “it’s all racing, everything else is just waiting.” How true. So, in my happy case, it’s all hunting, everything else is just waiting. Spot on.

That can be adapted to shotgun competition of course too. Which maybe brings me to another important thing to remember – and this contradicts the above – and that is “Live in the now.” I remember Jimmy Connors, who was a pretty famous tennis player for those of you who don’t remember, saying that the greatest thing about the big matches was that all he had to do at that time was “play tennis.”

This then goes in a circular way to the previous post about “shoot the technique.” And that’s all you have to do. “Just shoot” is the best possible advice, but oh my golly, there’s so much in those few words. But start to make that your mantra and see where it takes you.

Good hunting.