Viva España.

Yes. Like everyone else – or over 200 “elses” – I was in Malaga. Shooting this time. Not Ibex or Barbary Sheep although they need to be attended to in due course, but Olympic Trap targets. Quite a few of them as there are five layouts, so, each day, I managed a few rounds. Not as many as I would have liked as, interestingly, I find OT much more tiring than Skeet. Probably because I’m only learning how to shoot it. How can I put that better? I know the how, but it’s not engrained within me yet. Yet. So, all I have to do, as I keep telling people is – “shoot the technique.”

Now, I’ve been accused, maybe too strong a word, in the past of that phrase being too simplistic. “Its not enough.” Well I don’t think so you see, so I’ll keep doing that small thing. A work in progress.

Watch this space.