Wakey wakey!

Ah, who remembers Billy Cotton? But I digress. The opening sentence from this morning was :

”The Geheimschreiber thus successfully produced an enciphered message that appeared at random.”

Pretty much like reading this fine column! I must attribute the quote and it came from “Colossus. Bletchley Park’s Last Secret” by Paul Gannon.

I’ve been on the Bletchley trail for a few weeks now and have come across Gannon. His tome is somewhat technical for a chap who can’t even do sums, never mind the highest of maths. I did work a teleprinter in a past life right enough and that was a torture machine. Those of you who are old enough to have worked on them will recall the challenges with the shift keys. No wonder that sometimes the German operators became lazy.

I’m off now to work out the intricacies of OT. I bet even Turing would have been stressed with that! Good morning.