Wobble trap?

Coaching. Yesterday. Proper coaching actually with a highly experienced shooter. Great. Just what a chap wants to be doing.

We hear plenty about “vision control” nowadays as if it was something new. Of course it isn’t or shooters from whatever era wouldn’t have done what they did. Maybe the chaps with the matchlocks weren’t so conscious of keeping their eyes still right enough. More likely keeping their eyes shut waiting for the bang. But I digress.

The challenge yesterday was keeping the eyes still, and, after much discussion a plan was hatched. Proper coaching, as I say. The answer? Easy peasy.

Instead of putting Optrex, or whatever eye potion in before starting, we would use super glue! Simple but effective. Indeed why did nobody think of it before? And what better way to control one’s vision if one’s eyes are literally glued to the hold point? Fantastic.

I suppose in 2018 I should say, don’t try this at home!!!