Parliamentary questions?

The “Ayes” have it. The “Ayes” have it. But, in the case of shooting, it’s very important that the eyes have it.

I maintain, and many disagree – huh, what do they know? – that you must, in many, if not all instances, when shooting, keep your eyes still. Some say that it’s impossible to keep your eyes still. Maybe so. Who am I to say? So keep them as still as possible. Keep them still until the target gets into the fovea, until “you can see it properly” and then go.

It makes a big difference. Some of you may wish to pursue some of the written material on “Quiet Eye.” Have a read and see what you make of it. Some say it helps. Some golfers say it helps. But there are papers on it relating to shooting. It might pass a wet few hours in our summer.