Book of the week.(1)

This could be a LONG series – if I bother to continue anyway. But I think this new plan should make me actually get on and write something.

So, where does one start? Well, I’m going to start with a pamphlet, or I think an e book actually that I must have purchased about 30 years ago. So, quite up to date. It’s “Think and Act Like a Champion” (A Manual for Sporting Excellence) by Brent S. Rushall Ph.D, R.Psy. I confess I haven’t looked up what “R.Psy” means. I will though. I see it was published by Sports Science Associates. I also saw, yesterday, when I was googling various matters pertaining to the contents of the ebook, that Rushall had a book “Psyching for Sport” available on glee bay for 399p. Buy now. Of course. Easy. Looking forward to getting that.

11 chapters in the pamphlet. Well laid out. Loads of information. It’s interesting when you reread something as you find stuff that you are ready to accept, or absorb, or understand more deeply, that you skipped over before, and thus it is here. I’m really rather enjoying it.

I shall now take you on a lengthy journey through my library. Bear in mind, in the olden days, when I was doing some of my exams, there was little or no internet. Information was hard to come by and everything one could find on shooting was much treasured. I can’t even think what’s on the shelves, but Tudor Bompa comes to mind.

Don’t hold your breath – but watch this space. What fun.