Book of the week 1.5(see below)

So, which as I’ve said before is how modern people start sentences, I have received “Psyching in Sport” by Rushall. It’s very interesting – but then I have a fault in me (one of many) – which finds sport psych books very interesting. If I could read the Russian ones I would find them veeeery interesting, but I can’t. Which is a pity as the depth of resource in the greater Russian library would be such a delight.

But, back to reality. In my opinion the pamphlet, or ebook, is actually better than the book. Probably because it’s “updated” for want of a better word.

So, (there I go again, totally modern), today, and in future, I shall continue to think and act like a champion. It’s a good tactic and one I encourage others to do.

A little tip that might help, if things are getting tough, is, pretend you are your hero. It only works. Except with one lad who didn’t have a hero! Ah, the joys of coaching.