Book of the week. (5)

This is a tough read. Or it was for me. “Critical Moments During Competition” by Roland A. Carlstedt.

The sub text below the title reads – “A Mind Body Model Of Sport Performance When it Counts the Most.” Whew.

Then, on the back, the opening sentence is – “This book provides an integrative empirical analysis of numerous anecdotal notions and cliches that have permeated sport psychology, including “just do it” (or in Drew Christie’s inimitable words “see the doo, shoot the doo!) The “ideal performance state,” “mental toughness,” “focus” and the idea that sport is mostly a mental game.

So, there you are. Does that give you an idea what you might be in for inside? Let me tell you I’ve had it for years and I’m still trying to get to grips with it!!!

May I also say that a Scottish shooter has just purchased the latest ISSF book on Trapshooting, written by Kevin Kilty. That will no doubt set the heather on fire in discussion circles.

Enough at this time in the morning. Be good.