Mind games.

We are having a treasure hunt in the village. Because of my literary prowess (!) I was delegated to write, in a poetic manner, the clues.

Because it’s easy for me, (I wish everything else was), I did them quickly. I then had to submit them to the organiser. Poor soul. She’s young and intelligent, but has no concept of how an old and twisted mind works.

Put it this way, there may well be trouble ahead. She is a scientist you see. I, manifestly, am not. She wants everything precise – “but how many steps exactly is it?” – “who cares?” – etcetera. Much fun.

You see, I think a thing like this is only to encourage discussion. Promote observation. ( It’s amazing what she has not seen living here all her life! ) Promote conversation. I’m not caring if people can find everything. She might be. The other scientist involved in checking was patently uncomfortable too. Lets hope there’s some artists in the company who can see the bigger picture.

Looking forward to it.